2016 Participating Chefs/Restaurants/Catering Co.

Fish Gaucho ~ Chef Chris Beckett
Paso Terra ~ Chef Andre Averseng, 2013 People’s Choice Award Winner
Dining with Andre ~ Chef Christina Averseng
Paso Robles Inn ~ Chef Ryan Swarthout
Paso Catering Co. ~ Chef Trish Jacobs
A Party For Your Palate ~ Chef Bruce Finch
GC's Bistro ~ Chef Giancarlo Cucumo
Paso Robles Culinary Academy ~ Chef Gregg Wangard, 2013 Judges’ Award Winner and 2015 People’s Choice Award Winner




Paso Robles Culinary Academy     






ciop•pi•no [chuh-pee-noh] - noun
Italian Cookery. A stew of fish, shellfish, tomatoes, and seasonings.